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2012.01.25 Wednesday  スポンサーサイト


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It is first time for me to watch Hamlet. I guess fun Hamlet story when I heard the (18) character’s relationship in Hamlet. Hamlet’s father dead, and Gertrude of Hamlet’s mother immediately married his uncle Claudius. I know his feeling is crazy. I think it is very sad and to receive uncle is very difficult for young Hamlet. The ghost of Hamlet’s father told son the fact, and Hamlet decided revenging. Then I felt Hamlet love for parents very much. The ghost told “I want you to get revenge. But don’t hurt the Queen.”  Hamlet believed Claudius is guilty and promised to so. (100)But I think Hamlet’s mother also have some guilt. Because she married Hamlet’ uncle and what was more immediately. It is very difficult for young Hamlet. Hamlet have a girlfriend. Her name is Ophelia. Ophelia have Lartes of her brother and Polonius of her father. Both have against loving Hamlet. She loved Hamlet. But she was told and thrust “Get thee to a nunnery!” by Hamlet. I think that’s too awful and go too far. She was crazy since then. I know she loved Hamlet with all her heart. But I was horrible she cried and shouted in a lobby.(100) She seemed to break both in mind and body.  I feel both Hamlet and Ophelia was crazy, so I was difficult to watch this movie.

2012.01.25 Wednesday  スポンサーサイト

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